Bird of prey (Juvenile Crested Serpent Eagle) Electrocuted (Assam India)

Assam, (India)

These photographs were taken at 8.10 am on 7.8.11 when Mr. Arun Kaul  was coming out of Salonah Tea Estate (in front of Borghat Bungalow).

The boys who were carrying the bird said the bird had been electrocuted.

Photo credits: ©  Arun K Kaul


These incidents are common in the area – India remains to loose some of its amazing wildlife species to human induced protection mechanisms that protect the garden surroundings / village communities from elephant attacks. Ignoring species like birds get caught up in these snares / protected wires and end up fatal.


Acknowledge: Thanks to Mr. Arun Kaul in sending the pictures.  Bird identification with help of Nikhil Devasar (Delhi bird Club) and Anish Andheria (Wildlife Conservation Trust).


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